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About Roluplay

Our company started to produce woven products such as clothing, pants, shoes, etc. in 2015. From R&D to production to sales, we have a professional team to complete.


We hope that by bringing safe products to more customers, more people can have a comfortable and simple life. We have been doing this for many years.





We started out producing close-fitting children's clothing, and then we considered that the mother of the child also needed to be given more care and attention. So we added a new line as well, and we want young mothers to be able to wear the same comfortable clothes.


Because we have some experience in producing children's clothing, we have the same pursuit in making mom's clothing. The fabrics used in our garments are of very high quality and are completely flattering to wear.


Many mothers always neglect to take care of themselves after having a baby. But we hope that through roluplay's efforts, more young mothers can highlight their sense of fashion while pursuing comfortable dressing.


Our designer Alex didn't seem to be hindered from researching baby clothes to designing outfits that would look good on adult women as well.

Slowly, we noticed in Alex's design sketches that the details on each garment conveyed a sense of beauty.

Then she started a CGI simulation to transform all the sketches into illustrations ......


After the selection was narrowed down, it was time to make a prototype. The drawings were sent to our co-producer, where our skilled tailoring partner brought the images to life. After months of trial and error, our talented team put the finishing touches on the earliest compasses.

After much hard work, we had our own brand of clothing and gradually had our own factory for producing the garments. Now we are fully capable of providing high quality products and excellent logistics, and we also have a professional customer service team. If there is any problem in the process of purchasing the products, you can contact us in time.


Our Email: service@roluplay.com